Imagine the explorers’ sense of wonder when they first set eyes on the great walled cities of the Maya so many centuries ago. A remote civilization amidst the lush palm trees and white-sand shores, all but hidden from the vast world around it. Today, there are few places that can offer that same promise of privacy and seclusion—the quiet elegance of a paradise perfectly at one with the immeasurable beauty of the land it inhabits.

Mukan Is Such a Place.


A Unique Identity & Eco-Influence

Mukan has a unique identity and eco-influence. Boasting more than 200 meters of beachfront, the vast property excites the senses, allowing guests to completely surrender to the beauty of the Sian Ka’an Biosphere reserve around them. Incredibly remote but accessible by car, boat and helicopter, the property offers five beach rooms, three ocean bungalows and one premium bungalow with a private garden.


Privacy & Seclusion Amidst a Truly Breathtaking Location.

The grounds at Mukan are the highlight of this breathtaking location. With areas carved through the mangroves and jungle, there is an intimacy in this grand space that offers optimal privacy and seclusion. Open spaces and secluded nooks abound. Perched on the water’s edge, beautiful canopy beds and lounge chairs are ideal for basking in the Caribbean sun. Just inside the tree line and hidden by the verdant landscape sits another lounge space with large covered beds. The beauty of the beach and the tranquil sound of the ocean provide the perfect backdrop for our Mayan Spa. Stunning sea views and the comfort and shade of the palm trees make this spot heaven on earth.


ECO Adventure Property

Nestled on the Sian Ka’an biosphere coastline, a UNESCO World Heritage site on the eastern coast of Mexico’s Yucatan peninsula, Mukan is tucked away from trodden touristic attractions. Approximately 35 km from the beach town of Tulum, its remoteness is central to its charm. Mukan combines privacy and exclusivity against a tropical backdrop with uninterrupted views of the crystal waters and pristine white sands of the Caribbean.

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Mukan Resort Tulum [a luxury hotel in the Sian Ka'an biosphere, Mexico]